The Native Utility Token for Bercode's NFT Marketplace

Where stars and their fans meet.
The era of junk NFTs is fading away. Get ready for celebrity NFTs with real-world perks and exclusive benefits!

Our Journey - Who are we?
Transitioning from Web2 to Web3

Founded in the USA in 2016, Benefit Barcode Inc. introduced Bercode - a unique fusion of barcodes and benefits. 

Bercode Tag

– Your Passport to Extra Benefits –

Constructed from over 500,000 lines of code and built with 30,000+ engineering hours, Bercode Platform was created through community financing. This robust IT system is designed to cater to diverse communities including associations, clubs, foundations, and even celebrities and their fanbase.

Meeting market needs, Benefit Barcode Inc. segmented its target audience, crafting three sub-brands to form the Bercode Ecosystem with Bercode Platform at its heart.

Bercode Ecosystem

Our Milestones - The Bercode Journey

2016 Q2

Incorporation of Benefit Barcode Inc., development of business plan

Benefit Barcode incorporated in Delaware

2017 Q3

Crowdfunding initiation for platform creation

2019 Q1

Completion of Bercode Platform (30,000+ engineering hours, 500,000+ lines of code)

Bercode Platform
Bercode Application

2020 Q1

Launch of mobile apps on Android & iOS

2021 Q3

Issuance of 100,000+ bercode

1M bercode issued
First AR merch product

2022 Q3

Release of the first AR merchandise in the app

2022 Q4

Creation of three sub-brands in the Bercode Ecosystem: VirtualMerch, ProfitableDonations, EasyPayMemebership

Brand Division
Bercoin Whitepaper

2023 Q1

Token and Whitepaper development

2023 Q2

Bercoin ICO initiation

Bercoin ICO
DEX listing

2023 Q4

First DEX listing

2024 Q1

Launch of Bercode NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace and Bercoin – Our journey to WEB3

Why blockchain?

We envisage a future shaped and streamlined by blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, revolutionizing our present world.

A Bercode NFT Marketplace

Our platform facilitates issuer partners - celebrities, artists, creators - to offer unique NFTs to their community. An NFT's value lies in its uniqueness and its authentic traceability to a specific owner. A celebrity-issued NFT becomes a coveted collectible for their fans. But at Bercode, we add more value to NFTs:

  • NFTs are classified into different rarity levels, providing varied offerings for each tier.

  • NFTs are affixed with bercodes enabling holders to avail store discounts.

  • Unlockable achievements are embedded into NFTs, increasing their value.

  • Celebrities receive a portion of transaction fees from featured retailer purchases, amplifying fan engagement.

  • Achievements can be unlocked by interacting with the NFT within our app. Celebrities can offer additional rewards to top collectors or high-achieving NFT holders.

  • Age of the NFT may add to its value – older ones could be considered more valuable.

  • We're committed to enriching NFTs beyond static images; envisage AR objects and animated figures of your favorite celebrities.

Bercoin Token

In the future, the primary payment method within the Bercode NFT Marketplace will be:


Bercoin is a utility token, empowering holders to purchase and bid on NFTs. As more issuers, primarily celebrities, leverage our platform to release career-oriented NFT collections, fan demand for these unique digital artifacts is set to rise. With a finite token supply, the demand for Bercoin is anticipated to surge.

Gift bercode with coin

Registering on the Bercode Platform is a breeze. Once you've signed up, you can effortlessly purchase Bercoin. Rest assured, your Bercoin will remain safe with us until you're ready to transfer it to a specified wallet address. At this point, there's no need to fret over the transfer process. We are committed to providing support and assistance as you navigate these steps in due time.

Bercoin offers more than just a method of payment; it presents an opportunity for additional perks. By maintaining a specific balance of Bercoin in your wallet, you become eligible to receive a perpetually renewing bercode* (of the corresponding service level) to your Bercoin balance as a gift. Our platform constantly checks for balance updates in the registered wallet addresses.

• 2 Bercoin = Basic bercode
• 5 Bercoin = Light bercode
• 10 Bercoin = Classic bercode
• 20 Bercoin = Extra bercode
• 50 Bercoin = Business bercode

*Please note, this bercode cannot be used for connecting acceptance points to the platform.

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