Importing Bercoin into our MetaMask wallet!

To get started, please download the MetaMask wallet - if you haven't already - and create an account.

Guide to creating a MetaMask wallet

The download is available here:

The next step involves adding the Polygon network to your MetaMask wallet, as Bercoin operates on this network.

Add Polygon Network

Polygon Network Details Manually

Enter the details below in their respective fields:

• The Network Name - Polygon Mainnet      
• The New RPC URL -
• The chain ID - 137
• The Currency Symbol - MATIC
• The Blockchain Explorer URL (optional) - 

For the final step, let's import Bercoin so that it appears in your wallet:

Import Tokens

Token Contract Address:


Token Symbol: BRC

Token Decimal: 2

Token Contract Address

We have successfully displayed our Bercoins!

Bercoin in MetaMask
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