Our Journey - Who are we?
Transitioning from Web2 to Web 3

Founded in the USA in 2016, Benefit Barcode Inc. introduced Bercode - a unique fusion of barcodes and benefits.

Bercode Tag

– Your Passport to Extra Benefits –

Constructed from over 500,000 lines of code and built with 30,000+ engineering hours, Bercode Platform was created through community financing. This robust IT system is designed to cater to diverse communities including associations, clubs, foundations, and even celebrities and their fanbase.

Meeting market needs, Benefit Barcode Inc. segmented its target audience, crafting three sub-brands to form the Bercode Ecosystem with Bercode Platform at its heart.

Bercode Ecosystem

As we venture further into Web3, our brand will introduce additional services like voucher management and a membership tracking system..


VirtualMerch enables design and creation of unique virtual and physical merchandising products, including AR (augmented reality) technology. This allows stars and influencers to form a community from their audience and increase fan loyalty.


Profitable Donations

Profitable Donations is a free-to-use donation platform that provides extra benefits and helps nonprofits and foundations generate additional revenue.


Easy Pay Membership

Easy Pay Membership simplifies the management of community memberships (associations, clubs) for free by providing members with extra benefits.


Our Ecosystem - How does it work?

The Bercode Platform provides diverse bercode services at varying service levels (Basic, Light, Classic, Extra, and Business), offering discounts to the owner. The bercode can be attached to a physical merch product, virtually present in the app, or tokenized as an NFT.

As a result, we foster a triple-win situation for BERCODE ISSUERS (stars, foundations, associations, etc.), BERCODE OWNERS (fans, members, supporters, etc.), and BERCODE ACCEPTORS (stores, service providers), in which everyone reaps benefits.

Bercode Win-Win-Win
Sample T-shirt

Let's take an example: 

Imagine you're a fan, and you purchase a merchandising product, say, a T-shirt, from your favorite athlete or singer. If the webshop offers the option, you can even upload your image alongside the original graphic. You decide whether you want a physical T-shirt or a virtual one suffices. Either way, you receive a virtual version that you can "wear" in AR, take pictures or record videos, and share on social media

Bercode Business Tag

Your T-shirt comes with a bercode, which entitles you to a discount in addition to what your favorite athlete or singer offered with the purchase. If a Business level service bercode T-shirt purchase also includes a personal meeting, it provides an opportunity to create a selfie with the star for future merchandise.

In your app, you can check nearby stores where you can avail discounts using your bercode. At the time of purchase, present either the bercode displayed in the app or the one on your physical T-shirt, proudly showing your support for your favorite artist or athlete, and knowing your purchase is supporting their career

Management - let's meet the team!

Jáger László

László Jáger, Founder

László is the founder and majority owner with 20 years of experience building and operating discount systems. Operating his system, Euro Discount Club, for two decades, he gathered feedback, insights, and development suggestions from hundreds of partners on EDC's services. Moreover, the IT sector's advancement provided an opportunity to build a system that manages virtual cards. The experience of the past 20 years, the expectations of our partners, and the opportunities offered by the IT sector have made the creation of the Bercode Platform possible.

Boér László

László Boér, Chief Executive Officer

László has 30 years of experience in the IT industry. He spent most of his professional career in the unique field of IT, where he led the development team of Hungary's market-leading pharmacy information system for 25 years.

Dobrosi Zsolt

Zsolt Dobrosi, Chief Technology Officer

Zsolt has 20 years of experience in program design and coding (in multiple programming languages) and 10 years of experience developing discount card and commission calculation systems. He also has experience in specifying complex systems and processes, application development, and leading development teams.

Hosszú Tamás

Tamás Hosszú, Crypto Division Director

Tamás has several years of experience developing and teaching innovative stock exchange algorithms in the field of automated robot trading. He is the creator of BERCOIN and the Bercode Platform NFT Marketplace system.

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