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Unlock the future potential of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with Bercode. We foresee a future where NFTs will be enriched with multilayered properties, amplifying their inherent value with every interaction.

Still, the linchpin of their worth will pivot on the uniqueness and significance of the NFTs issued by high-profile celebrities.
Let's explore how this interplay of rarity levels and service offerings can elevate your NFT experience:   

Rarity level:Bercode service level:Sample Offering:
Common Basic • Entry into a lucky draw
Uncommon Light• Random offering + 5% off on your next NFT purchase
Rare Classic• Random offering
+ 10% off on your next NFT purchase
+Exclusive video invite to a star-studded concert
Epic Extra • Random NFT (common – rare)
+ 15% off on your next NFT purchase
+ Video greeting a celebrity and a pair of concert tickets
Legendary Business • Random (common – epic)
+ 20% off on your next NFT purchase
+ Personalized video message
+ 2 concert tickets, an autograph ,and a post-show photo opportunity
MythicBusiness• Random NFT (rare-epic)
+ 25% off on your next NFT purchase
+ Personalized video message
+ Exclusive meet & greet program with the celebrity
+ 2 concert tickets, a photo, and an autograph

The unique meet & greet offerings for top-tier NFTs rest on the discretion of the issuing celebrity. Imagine getting a sneak peek into a music video shoot or even landing a cameo role! The thrill of joining a unique program with your favorite star. These one-of-a-kind offerings set Bercode NFTs apart, making Bercoin the go-to choice for the savvy crypto-enthusiast!

What sparks a new NFT collection?

Life events and career milestones often inspire celebrities to release unique NFT collections. For musicians, it could be a new album launch or a successful tour. For actors, a hit movie or a beloved character may inspire a new series. For athletes, momentous victories can kickstart a new collection. The opportunities are as varied and dynamic as the stars themselves.

Iconic events, intriguing rumors, trending memes, and even unique life incidents all create opportunities for NFTs, immortalizing them for future generations. Consider the digital homage to Rihanna's pregnancy statue, which doesn't physically exist in the Metropolitan Museum's exhibition hall. Yet, in digital form, it graced the Met Gala thanks to Vogue. The possibilities are endless and exciting.

Rihanna statue

What treasures await in a celebrity's marketplace webshop?

In our endeavor to simplify and enrich the NFT experience, we're integrating every issuer's virtual merch shop into our forthcoming NFT Marketplace. This seamless transition ensures that all of an issuer's bercode products are accessible under one roof.

Explore a world of seasonal promotions, cutting-edge NFT drops, and intimate moments shared by your favorite celebrities through engaging posts, stunning images, and captivating videos.

Our roadmap extends beyond just a marketplace. We aim to infuse our platform with social media functionality, transforming the issuers' merch & NFT webshops into thriving fan communities. Celebrities can post messages, spark conversations, and even conduct polls, fostering direct and interactive communication with their fanbase.

What's more, each celebrity's NFT Marketplace will feature a 'top collector of the month' and a 'top collector of the year', turning the spotlight on avid NFT collectors. With their username and optional profile picture displayed based on the value of their held NFT portfolio, fans can vie to claim the top spot and potentially catch the attention of their idol. This friendly competition fuels fan engagement and could earn collectors a nod, or even a reward, from the celebrity themselves. Join us in this digital revolution and discover the future of fandom.

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• To initiate your journey on our Marketplace, register with a unique username of your choosing. Boost the security of your account by enabling optional 2FA (two-factor authentication).
• Explore the bonuses you've acquired from your NFT purchases, nestled within the description or on the flip side of your tokens. Check their usability status, and if not redeemed, cash in on exclusive experiences such as personal meet-ups, concert tickets, and more.
• Tap into our robust network of registered partners, including renowned celebrities, by following their Marketplace pages. This ensures you're always in the loop with new NFT drops, special sales, and fan-specific announcements.

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Future development plans

At our Marketplace, we're steadfast in our commitment to delivering a stream of enticing NFTs to our valued users. This objective will be met by not only our in-house developmental strides but also through the expansion of our partnership ecosystem.

We aim to push the boundaries of augmented reality (AR) experiences by bolstering our 3D object models and venturing into the creation of immersive 3D spaces and rooms. The AR display compatibility of our 3D models ensures a limitless potential for NFT creations, limited only by the reaches of our collective imagination.

We've set our sights on a thrilling collaboration with 3D animation companies, providing our issuers with an added layer of service. 

Celebrity AR

 Primarily, we envision having 3D models of global celebrities – bringing lifelike or figurative versions of these stars into our homes in the form of NFTs. Imagine having them dancing, singing, or even performing unique animations right alongside you, perfect for capturing unforgettable selfies or videos.

As an extension of this service, we're exploring the potential of integrating Bullet Time Photography technology, made iconic by The Matrix film. Over time, these services might be incorporated within our platform, readily available to our issuing partners.

Peering further into the future, the blossoming of metaverses presents an exciting opportunity. Imagine your metaverse avatar or game character donning 3D-AR merchandise from our platform, or enjoying exclusive discounts in metaverse online stores.

These visions mark our commitment to not just be a part of the future, but to shape it, one NFT at a time.

Girl in Meta Mall
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